Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey American Honey is an exceptionally smooth 71 proof (35.5% alcohol) liqueur blended with pure honey and real Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey. It’s perfect straight out of the bottle, chilled in the freezer, or on the rocks. It’s the sweeter, smoother side of
Wild Turkey, with notes of sweet honey, caramel, and orange.

  • 71 (35.5% alcohol)

  • Age

  • Neat, chilled, or on the rocks

  • Sweet honey, caramel, and orange notes

Wild Turkey American Honey

San Francisco World Spirits Competition


Silver Medal


Silver Medal

Ultimate Spirits Challenge


86 Points - Very Good, Strong Recommendation


86 Points - Very Good, Recommended

International Wine & Spirits Competition


Silver Medal

Wine Enthusiast


91 points


Wild Turkey 81 is an 81 proof (40.5% alcohol) bourbon aged 6-8 years, longer than any other bourbon in its class. To give it that signature kick, Eddie Russell uses the classic Wild Turkey high-rye mash bill and ages it in our famous #4 alligator char American oak barrels. 81 shines on its own, but it’s best in a mixed drink like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

Unlike other whiskies, which lose flavor when mixed with other ingredients, Eddie Russell’s Wild Turkey 81 gives drinkers “an everyday whiskey that can stand up to any mixer or in any cocktail with the bold, in-your-face taste that is distinctively Wild Turkey.”

  • 81 (40.5% alcohol)

  • 6-8 years

  • In a mixed drink

  • Classic Wild Turkey spicy kick; a mellower counterpart to Wild Turkey 101; almonds, honey, and blackberries

Wild Turkey 81

Beverage Tasting Institute


87 Points

San Francisco World Spirits Competition


Silver Medal

Ultimate Spirits Challenge


89 Points - Very Good, Strong Recommendation


Wild Turkey Straight Rye Whiskey is an 81 proof (40.5% alcohol) ode to America’s first distilled spirit: rye whiskey. When making Wild Turkey Rye, we use a deeper Alligator Char for extra flavor. Big, broad vanilla and spice notes burst through without changing the bold rye taste. Wild Turkey Rye stands up to any mixer and shines through in cocktails.

  • 81 (40.5% alcohol)

  • A mingling of 4 and 5-year old Rye whiskies

  • With a classic cocktail

  • Less sweet than bourbon; rich aroma of vanilla and spice; subtle hints of rye toast with a light smokiness


San Francisco World Spirits Competition


Double Gold


Wild Turkey 101 is a 101 proof (50.5% alcohol) bourbon that is a marriage of primarily 6-, 7-, and 8-year-old bourbons. Jimmy Russell notes that unlike some of its competitors, “Wild Turkey 101 has an exceptionally gentle and rich aroma for a high-proof bourbon, thanks to quality at all stages of its production.”

At first taste, 101 is rich with vanilla and caramel, with notes of honey, brown sugar, and a hint of tobacco. Its high proof contributes to its bolder flavor.
Wild Turkey 101 is the benchmark in bourbon, best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. It’s also excellent in more sophisticated cocktails.

  • 101 (50.5% alcohol)

  • A marriage of primarily 6-, 7-, and 8-year-old bourbons

  • Neat, on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail

  • An explosion of vanilla and caramel; hints of honey and oranges

Wild Turkey 101

Beverage Tasting Institute


89 Points - Highly Recommended; “Amber color. Aromas of caramel buttercream, roasted pecans, milk chocolate, and delicate baking spices with soft, supple fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body and nutty nougat, anise, white pepper, and mossy river stone finish. A solid bourbon for all occasions.”


88 Points - “Pale amber color. Caramelized buttered nut and grain aromas and flavors with a dryish medium body and earthy, pencil box and spiced peanut accents on the very peppery and spicy finish.”

San Francisco World Spirits Competition


Silver Medal

Ultimate Spirits Challenge


88 Points - Very Good, Strong Recommendation


92 Points - Excellent, Strong Recommendation

International Wine & Spirits Competition


Gold Medal & Best in Class - “Inviting, complex nose with buttery corn, chocolate, butterscotch and ginger with some floral notes and hint of vanilla. Heavy char gives way to caramel and more vanilla. Full and deep in the mouth with all the nose promised plus some sweet notes that are beautifully balanced by ripe fruit. Some pepper and spice fill in at the rear. Creamy across the palate with long, dry, spice filled finish.”


Rare Breed is a “barrel-proof bourbon” (108.2 proof, 54.1% alcohol), meaning it has no added water to lower the proof or dilute the flavor after it’s been distilled. This bourbon is a unique marriage of Wild Turkey 6-, 8-, and 12-year-old stocks, giving it a remarkably smooth flavor considering its high alcohol content. It has hints of light oranges, mint, and tones of sweet tobacco.
Jimmy Russell keeps his Rare Breed in the freezer so he doesn’t have to add ice, which would dilute the flavor.

  • 108.2 (54.1% alcohol)

  • Mix of 6-, 8-, and 12-year-old stocks

  • Chilled

  • Hints of light oranges, mint, and tones of sweet tobacco


Beverage Tasting Institute


92 Points - Exceptional "Bright amber color. Dense aromas of roasted whole nuts, peppercorns, banana custard pie, and burnt sugar with a round, silky medium-full body and a tongue warming polished wood, lemongrass, slate, and white pepper finish. Rounds out beautifully with water where dried fruit appear."


93 Points - Deep amber color. Lavish aromas of nutmeg, cocoa, mint leaf and tobacco follow through on a vibrant entry to a dryish full body with bold notes of juniper, peanut gelato, and white pepper. Finishes with cement, peanut nougat and dense cigar box spiciness. Intense and exotically flavorful; a great choice for clever inventive cocktails.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition


Gold Medal


Gold Medal

Ultimate Spirits Challenge


92 Points - Excellent, Highly Recommended


93 Points - Excellent, Highly Recommended


92 Points - Excellent, Strong Recommendation

International Wine & Spirits Competition


Gold Medal, Outstanding


Silver Medal & Best in Class - Refreshing, intense. Fruity with dark and dried fruit. Wood is present with masculine tannins. Sweet on the palate. Treacle and black pepper. A characterful bourbon.


Russell’s Reserve 6-year-old Rye is matured in the deepest no. 4 char barrels, aged in the “center cut” of the rick house and is hand selected only by Jimmy and Eddie Russell.

  • 90 (45% alcohol)

  • 6 years

  • Neat, on the rocks or in an Old Fashioned

  • Smooth; complex all spice, pepper and almonds


Only a handful of barrels are selected in small batches from the middle section or “center cut” of the rick house by Master Distiller, Jimmy Russell and his son, Associate Master Distiller, Eddie Russell. The whiskey ages for a minimum of 10 years in the deepest no. 4 char, or alligator charred barrels for richer color and deeper flavor.

  • 90 (45% alcohol)

  • 10 years

  • Neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail

  • Rich, creamy toffee vanilla, smooth


Beverage Tasting Institute


92 Points

San Francisco World Spirits Competition


Double Gold Medal

Ultimate Spirits Challenge


95 Points & Chairman’s Trophy Finalist “Incredibly balanced and stylish with complex notes of toasted grain, caramel, butterscotch, and silky baked orchard fruits.”

International Wine & Spirits Competition


Silver Medal - Outstanding


Silver Medal


Handpicked by Jimmy and Eddie Russell, the best barrels are sourced from the “center cut”, or level 4 of the rick house. Each barrel is individually bottled at a higher proof and non-chill filtered to guarantee maximum flavor and deeper color. Each barrel has its own unique personality yet captures the rich, complex style of Russell’s Reserve.

  • 110 Proof (55% alcohol)

  • 8-9 years old

  • Sip neat or on the rocks. This whiskey should be savored.

  • Deeply complex flavors of caramel, licorice, and vanilla. There will be slightly different characteristics from one barrel to another.


Kentucky Spirit is a 101 proof (50.5% alcohol), single-barrel bourbon. This means all of its taste and smoothness is drawn from a single barrel, chosen for bottling at the peak of its maturity. Master Distiller Jimmy Russell personally selects each of the barrels “to be fuller bodied, with rich vanilla flavors and a hint of sweetness,” making it the perfect bourbon to enjoy neat. Kentucky Spirit has a complex layering of almonds, honey, blackberries, and leather. The finish is long and dark, lingering well after each sip.

  • 101 (50.5% alcohol)

  • 8.5-9.5 years

  • Neat

  • Full-bodied; rich vanilla flavors with a hint of sweetness; layering of almonds, honey, and blackberries


Beverage Tasting Institute


94 Points - Exceptional: “Beautiful deep amber color. Lavish aromas of a cornucopia of dried fruits, vanilla maple fudge, Demerara sugar, and artisan chocolate toffee with a supple, lightly tannic full body and long, warming anise, toasted grain, and dusty mineral finish. A powerful oak driven, yet elegant bourbon.”


94 Points – “Bright amber color. Aromas of banana creme brulee and toffee follow through on a rich entry to a dry-yet-fruity full body with honeyed rye toast, anise, dried banana and dense peppery spices. Finishes with a long, warming wet stone and white pepper fade. Opens up brilliantly with a few drops of water to reveal deep dried fruit and tobacco nuances.”

San Francisco World Spirits Competition


Gold Medal

Ultimate Spirits Challenge


92 Points - Excellent, Highly Recommended

International Wine & Spirits Competition


Silver Medal


Wild Turkey 86.8 is an 86.8 proof (43.4% alcohol) bourbon that is a marriage of primarily 6-, 7-, and 8-year old bourbons. 86.8 goes down smooth on the rocks or is perfect for those who like their bourbon with a mixer. It has a deep, soft aroma, with classic characteristics of sweetness and corn. Jimmy Russell calls it simply, “an unpretentious, finely crafted Kentucky bourbon.”

Wild Turkey 86.8 is available for purchase in Australia and New Zealand. Find out more at http://www.wildturkeybourbon.com.au.

  • 86.8 (43.4% alcohol)

  • A marriage of primarily 6-, 7-, and 8-year-old bourbons

  • On the rocks or in a mixed drink

  • Deep, soft aroma; characteristics of sweetness and corn

Wild Turkey 86.8

Wild Turkey 8-Year-Old is a 101 proof (50.5% alcohol) bourbon aged 8 years. At first taste, it’s rich with vanilla and caramel, with notes of honey, brown sugar, and a hint of tobacco. Wild Turkey 101 is the benchmark in bourbon, best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Jimmy Russell notes that unlike some of its competitors, “Wild Turkey 101 has an exceptionally gentle and rich aroma for a high-proof bourbon, thanks to quality at all stages of its production.”

Wild Turkey 8 Year Old is available for purchase in Japan.

  • 101 (50.5% alcohol)

  • 8 years

  • Neat or on the rocks

  • An explosion of vanilla and caramel; hints of honey and oranges

Wild Turkey 8 Year

Wild Turkey 12-Year-Old is a limited batch, 101 proof (50.5% alcohol) bourbon aged 12 years in open-air warehouses. It tastes excellent on its own, but also makes a mean Manhattan.

Each year, Maser Distiller Jimmy Russell selects a small amount of Wild Turkey to age for 12 years in new, charred, white-oak barrels. The taste carries hints of dates and, with a splash of water, lighter notes of spring flowers and freshly-mown hay. 12-Year-Old 101 has a deep, rich palate, incorporating notes of dark fruits (blueberries, blackberries) with hints of maple syrup and oranges and a long finish with distinct notes of bitter almonds.

Wild Turkey 12 Year Old is available for purchase in Japan.

  • 101 (50.5% alcohol)

  • 12 years

  • On its own; in a mixed drink

  • Hints of dates, spring flowers, and freshly mown hay

Wild Turkey 12 Year

This refreshing blend of Wild Turkey Bourbon and cola is premixed for convenience.

Wild Turkey & Cola is available for purchase in Australia and New Zealand. Find out more at http://www.wildturkeybourbon.com.au.

  • 10 (5% alcohol)

  • hidden


This refreshing blend of Wild Turkey Bourbon and dry is premixed for convenience.

Wild Turkey & Dry is available for purchase in Australia and New Zealand. Find out more at http://www.wildturkeybourbon.com.au.

  • 10 (5% alcohol)


Ranked number 1 in flavor, strength, and consistency.* Wild Turkey & Cola 101 is authentic Kentucky Straight Bourbon pre-mixed at 13 proof (6.5% alcohol). Wild Turkey & Cola 101 combines sweet vanilla notes with bold earthy characters to give it a refreshing body and smooth finish.

Wild Turkey & Cola 101  is available for purchase in Australia and New Zealand. Find out more at http://www.wildturkeybourbon.com.au.

*Independent Taste Test, Sensometrics Feb 2011. Bourbon Pre-mix drinkers, 25-34 yrs.

  • 13 (6.5% alcohol)


Wild Turkey 13-Year-Old, developed exclusively for the Japanese market, is a 91 proof (45.5% alcohol) bourbon aged for 13 years in hand-selected American oak barrels from the Ozark mountains. Its smoky, intense flavor is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Master Distiller Jimmy Russell, a legend among Kentucky’s distillers, uses barrels with a bold #4 “alligator” char. This, paired with Wild Turkey’s signature high-rye mash bill, gives this bourbon the spicy kick and woody, smoky notes that Wild Turkey is known for. At first you encounter a nose rich in vanilla and smoke. 13-Year-Old is woody and spicy, with a long finish of candy and caramel.

Wild Turkey 13-Year-Old is available for purchase in Japan.

  • 91 (45.5% alcohol)

  • aged value

  • Neat, on the rocks

  • Smoky, woody, spice, a finish of candy and caramel


Wild Turkey Spiced is a blend of 4- and 6-year-old whiskey, with added spice and other natural flavors. This makes for a unique result: a Wild Turkey that mixes like a spiced rum, but retains its bold bourbon character. So it’s perfect solo or as an 86-proof spike to cola. Notes of vanilla, caramel, and cloves really make it stand out. It’s island-inspired, but Kentucky where it counts. It’s from the Island of Kentucky.

  • 86 (43% alcohol)

  • 4- and 6-year-old whiskey

  • Mixed with cola (like a spiced rum), neat, or on the rocks

  • Notes of vanilla, caramel, and cloves


Wild Turkey Rare is a unique blend, mixing three parts of our legendary Kentucky Straight Bourbon to one part of our top-shelf, barrel-proof Rare Breed. It’s deep, smooth bourbon oak character, with hints of spice and citrus, pairs perfectly with Cola. Combined at 16 proof (8% alcohol), Wild Turkey Rare and Cola make for the ultimate premix drink.

  • 16 (8% alcohol)

  • aged value

  • Chilled or on the rocks

  • Huge dark, rich flavor with burnt oak; caramel and tobacco notes; hints of spice and citrus


Austin, Nichols Distilling CO.
1525 Tyrone Road
Lawrenceburg, KY 40342, USA



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Wild Turkey Distillery Business Policy

Provide Quality Products.

Expectation of a quality product is the right of every customer, and the employees of Wild Turkey Distillery are committed to fulfilling those expectations. Quality is defined as providing excellence in goods and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. All of our products are crafted to the strictest quality specifications, and conform to both national and international standards.

Continually Improve.

Wild Turkey Distillery is committed to the pursuit of excellence by ensuring continual improvement. This coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction distinguishes our family of products.

Be a Good, Responsible Corporate Citizen.

Wild Turkey Distillery pledges to be a good citizen within the community, recognizing the responsibility of public health, safety, and protection of the environment. We endeavor to maintain a clean, safe work environment for all of our employees.